Me Too

I woke up dancing with ghosts -

Mine, yours, hers, theirs

Haunted by the history of hurt

Hurtling through the hell of remembering

Exorcism is not easy

Our bodies are not the problem

It’s boys that are too scared they’re “not man enough”

Manning up to some ideal that always being in control is necessary

Never let them see you cry

Emotion is weakness and we’ll save that shit for them


Pound down the pain

Pretend it’s not there

Take it out on her, them, me

In the dark

Behind a dumpster

Locked in a stall

In someone’s basement

In my apartment

Debase us in favor of feeling the truth

Assault us like we are the salt in your festering wound

Wound so tight

Our bodies are not the problem

It’s being told to be pure

To wait until marriage

To not give away the milk before the cow

To wait

To be The Madonna and not The Whore

There is no happy medium

You are either too much or not enough

But still you are the target

Of so much rage

So much shame

So much unadulterated fear

Our bodies are not the problem

Originally published at on October 16, 2017.