WTF do we do now?

A guide to low-key resisting Trump if you have a full time job (or if you’re a full time stoner, or BOTH).

Me not knowing I was sick AF at the march this weekend

I write this essay from my bed, where I am laid up with the Cold From Hell that I caught from going way too HAM at the Women’s March on Washington this weekend. I like to think that Trump’s inauguration has made me physically ill, so let’s go with that. Anyway, you know how being sick is usually fun? Watching Netflix under the influence of NyQuil, ordering food, and just generally having an excuse to live like you’re a college student skipping class again? NOT this week. I feel like if I look away from my TL, the world will explode and I’ll have no record of it.

While I’m scrolling, CNN alerts are popping up on my screen and reminding me that Trump’s first actions in office have been to ban ovaries, news, the arts, and immigration, and also to generally to melt the earth. I feel as though I’m trapped in everyone’s favorite proto-Youtube masterpiece, “The End of the World,” except it’s being narrated by He Who Must Not Be Reelected.

Ok. So. This is America under Trump.

Where do we begin focusing our activism among this amorphous glob of injustice and stupidity?

  1. Work, work, work, work, work. Go to work. Go through the motions, and don’t look at your phone for a few hours. It’ll give you a chance to process both your emotions and everything that has actually HAPPENED, because it’s a lot to keep track of. You can’t focus on change when you’re still reacting.

2. TALK it out. Bounce feelings and ideas off your friends and family, because that is how PROJECTS happen. That’s how RESISTANCE happens. Hold each other accountable for the actions you each want to take.

3. WATCH this Father John Misty video for Pure Comedy. It will restore your faith in White Dudes Who Get It, and it’s also just a fucking masterpiece.

4. WRITE YOURSELF OUT. Maybe you like to make long statuses on the FB. Maybe you’re into Medium. Maybe you’re a legitimate journalist. Writers are writers, and it’s time for us to stick to our guns. The existence of the Trump Administration will change the face of news and journalism, but it cannot silence us. We’re already used to being openly rejected and not paid enough, and sometimes getting arrested. If you’re like me and your voice just looks better in Times New Roman, it’s your duty to write.

5. FOCUS on a cause for a few days. For me, mine right now is the Dakota Access Pipeline. I donated $10 through this link, and you can too.

6. DON’T BE SELFISH about justice. Let me break this down through personal example — obviously, when I see a bunch of ancient white men through the GOP dismantling abortion access for poor women, I feel directly attacked. I’m a poor woman. I used insurance to pay for an abortion. But we have to prioritize our causes right now — abortion legislation is a fight that will take a century. We won’t be able to un-build that pipeline. Read Trump’s plan for it here.

7. Plan to attend some demonstrations for #BlackLivesMatter and #StandingRock that are NOT associated with the women’s march! This site is a great comprehensive list of both demonstrations AND art events that you can attend in the new year. I personally will be attending this reading for #StandingRock.

8. If you are also home sick today or have some free time — text your zip code to 520–200–2223 and your list of federal and state representatives will be texted to you so you can just click on their numbers. When they pick up, tell them that you oppose Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. The Senate will be voting on her nomination on JANUARY 31st. Again, like the pipeline, this is a pressing issue. If they do not answer, consider an email or a postcard!

9. EDUCATE YOURSELF on immigration reform. It’s complicated, and one of the most necessary things we must resist in this administration. Welcoming immigrants from different backgrounds and keeping families together is what makes America what it is. Today, Trump has started *The Wall* (spoiler alert — Mexico is NOT paying for it, we are, $6.5 mil per mile). Also on the agenda is a ban on Muslim immigrants, 50% reduction in refugee resettlements in the U.S., plans to deport between 2 and 3 million illegal immigrants…yeah. Read more about it here.

10. WORK OUT to this song on repeat and brainstorm what you can do to help.

11. When you think that you can’t, envision Obama!