In social settings, under the guise of joking, being collegial, flirting, or having a good time, I undoubtedly caused some women to question themselves, retreat, feel alone, and worry they can’t be their authentic selves.
I Have More Work To Do.
Chris Sacca

To people saying that “this just shows that men and women can’t socialize” or asking “how are we supposed to know where the line is” here’s a super easy way to check: would you say it to a male co-worker?

Like saying “you smell amazing” is different than “nice perfume!” Remarking on clothing along the lines of “I love it when you wear those shoes, I’ll say yes to anything when you wear those” (both of these comments are from personal experience) rather than saying “Great shoes!” makes it weird. Do you touch your male co-worker’s arms or back? I know it can be nuanced but again, if you wouldn’t tell a man he smells amazing, or that his shoes would make you sign off on any project, then you know saying it puts you in the creep zone.

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