Vanessa Bryant and her daughters wearing MAMBACITA.

Vanessa Bryant and her daughters wearing MAMBACITA.

On Saturday, May 15, Vanessa Bryant helped to induct her late husband, Kobe Bryant into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Bryant has become the steward of the NBA great’s legacy. A woman who until her husband and daughter’s deaths over a year ago generally stayed out of the spotlight has taken up the family mantel in order to remember them.

The Bryant Family’s most recent initiative includes the MAMBACITA clothing line of tie-dyed sweats designed in partnership with a female-run brand called DANNIJO. Named in honor of her daughter Gianna’s nickname, they are…

Geneva, ‘Smoke & Mirrors’

Many places in the US are opening up, other places like Toronto the city where electro-RnB infused songstress Geneva resides are still living with restrictions and stay-at-home orders. So as the pandemic sets in for another year, artists are still arting any way they can and we’re still craving new music. Geneva is one of those artists using the pandemic to her advantage and producing fresh tunes.

Her latest song Smoke & Mirrors with production by Toronto’s SLWJMZ is a mood as the kids say these days. I’d even go as far as to say it’s the mood of the…

Add a little Rock n’ Roll to your mask look

There’s is no doubt about face masks help prevent the spread of airborne viruses like COVID-19. You may be living in a place that has started requiring masks in all public places. Or you may be living in a place where masks have become a hot-bottom political issue.

For obvious public health reasons, we’d all be better off if everyone wore masks. Yet, still many do not wear them even when they are required. It’s come to light in some studies that men don’t want to wear masks. They seem to think these make them look uncool. Ladies, gentlemen, and…

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia on a speeder bike in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

The first movie I remember seeing in the theater was Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. I was very young. So, young it’s hard to believe I remember seeing this movie. According to Wikipedia the film was released on May 25, 1983, six years after the first movie. Those days it felt like movies were in the theaters for months on end. It’s likely I saw it months after it hit theaters. In 1985, Return of the Jedi was later re-released and it’s possible that this is when I actually saw the movie.

Since the first trilogy was released and…

Dragonfly tattoo, Author’s Photo

“I can’t imagine you without that tattoo,” said my good friend after seeing my new dragonfly tattoo for the first time. It is my fourth tattoo. The dragonfly with blue-green wings flies up the back of my left upper arm. The insect represents change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. As humans, we undergo constant re-invention over the course of months, years, or decades. A tattoo stays with us through it all.

The evening after getting the new ink, I found myself out with a small group of friends. At the table, all five of us had tattoos. Three of us had…

The scarf beef or battle or whatever you want to call it between the Raptors center Serge ‘I do art’ Ibaka and forward OG ‘what about scarves’ Anunoby got dialed up to 11. If you haven’t yet seen the start of the epic argument, check it out below. The gist of it is Ibaka wants to help the younger Anunoby improve his fashion game. Anunoby is having none of it, claiming he put Ibaka on to fashion. Serge respectively disagrees because as we learned in an earlier Avec Classe video, he doesn’t do fashion, he does art.

What resulted was…

My Facebook got a new look.

I got an alert that I was being invited to try Facebook Beta or Facebook’s revamped user interface. There is a choice between a light and a dark interface. I wonder what happens if I want greyscale? Jokes aside, re-designs can always be a bit jarring. We get used to the way an interface looks. We know where everything is located. It’s a bit like -re-organizing your room. It might look better but you never remember where anything is.

Facebook, and Twitter as well, is still refusing to take down an altered political video. One that shows Nancy Pelosi famously…

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