I Got Berned but now I have the Chills for Hills

(But maybe we can agree that she rocks a pretty mean pantsuit?)

Courtesy of unknown meme maker

Trigger warning: This commentary may include humor, positive HRC language, personal opinion, and substantiated observations with supporting links.

Because Vermont is not New York is not the United States.

Because an argument against Hillary does not equal an argument for Bernie.

Because no one suggests Sanders’ supporters are for voting for him because he is a man.

Because a great way to represent women and minorities is to build coalitions and strengthen alliances — and employ them in your campaign.

Because my vagina comes with me everywhere I go, including the voting booth presumably. Blame it on biology.

Because Bernie, not Hillary, solidly won the hearts of the wealthier voters in Wisconsin, garnering 54% of the votes in the 100k-200k income bracket to Clinton’s 46%.

Because “women’s rights are human rights.”

Because Hillary inserted abortion into the debate and is committed to overturning Hyde.

Because positions are easy to come by.

Because rolling up the pantsuit sleeves and getting the job done is what separates the women from the men.

Because I saw a bird land on a podium. A bird once pooped on my head. Birds do things like that. (Go ahead, call me a party pooper.)

Because I deeply respect the women of the mothers’ movement and support their choice of candidate — the one who reached out to them and listened to their pain and their concerns.

Because gun violence is an infringement on human rights (imho).

Because it is time for the status quo to be upended.

Because Hillary’s campaign is the “most feminist political campaign in history.”

Because Hillary isn’t sitting back, kicking off her pumps, watching Netflix and chilling while sipping a glass of chardonnay in hand; instead she chooses to work, hard, despite confronting hostility and sexism at every turn.

Because Bernie and Jane are not The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Brad and Janet.

Because Hillary includes women in her jobs plan.

Because Senator SandersRebuild America Act would bolster the infrastructure with the reinforcement of male-dominated fields, such as construction.

Because Hillary’s strategy of supporting down ticket candidates in order to elect more Democrats to Congress has a greater shot at changing the system (yes, from within), than does Bernie’s “millions of people will demand it” proposal.

Because Hillary mentors other women and “is not a do-it-alone feminist,” having “consistently worked to promote and foster female leadership.

Because a Goldman Sachs video has been released and it communicates a message that is consistent with Hillary’s lifelong work of championing the rights and progress of of girls and women.

Because Bernie also attends and benefits from high dollar fundraisers.

Because the speaking fees from Goldman Sachs represent “.00002% of the company’s 2015 revenues.”

Because “Hillary made women’s oppression worldwide a State Department priority.”

Because during her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary worked to protect and advance transgender rights.

Because Hillary has nailed the low-down on getting to yes, understanding that compromise and diplomacy are the pathways to meeting diverse needs.

Because if I didn’t believe we could create change within systems of oppression or dysfunctional political structures, I would have given up all hope on my life and on my children’s futures long ago.

Because anyone who supports Hillary is establishment…except that they’re not.

Because Vermont’s inability to adopt universal health care lowers Bernie’s country road cred.

Because Maya Angelou wrote these words in a poem for Hillary in ’08: “You may write me down in history, With your bitter, twisted lies, You may tread me in the very dirt, But still, like dust, I’ll rise.”

Because Hillary receives more negative press and has been the decades-long target of more hate-inspired propaganda than any other candidate. And still “she rises.

Because the women who have had the greatest impact on my life, who have shaped who I am, and whom I most admire, support Hillary.

Because thousands of people assembling in the streets is not a revolution; it is a rally.

Because many of those leading Bernie’s revolution are white and middle class and can return to a comfortable home or head to the pub to toss back a micro brew and belch away their hard day on the front lines.

Because “The work of building a new American majority for more progressive policies runs through the long, hard work of organizing.”

Because a great time to start a revolution is at the mid-term elections, no?

Because I guess at heart I’m just a shill for Hill and a proud member of DemocraticWhores.com.