The Case Against Politicians Crying Radical Islam

For years, the issue of terrorism has been the fuel for political fires. It’s about time people started thinking before they say “radical Islam.”

One of the fall back positions of many candidates and politicians on the right side of the aisle is to point out that the current administration has issues with using the term “radical Islam.” It plays well with their base, which has been perpetually ginned up about the dangers of terrorism since 9/11, and falls in place easily with short-sighted policy talk on immigration.

Unfortunately, that also means that they are being counterproductive in the actual work of combating the problem they claim isn’t being addressed.

There is a tactical reason why this administration doesn’t talk about radicalism — it is a multi-faceted tactic, with multiple reasons why it is used. Ironically enough, it is first taking a page from the book of the George W. Bush administration, in the sense that it is carrying on a form of intelligence operations that were used in the early days after the fall of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. “Winning the hearts and minds” of the masses in Iraq was the goal, and now it is coming to light that there was a long-standing PR campaign run by civilians to attempt to accomplish it.

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