Even the Pope agrees we need to take action on climate change

The Catholic Church is rarely accused of rushing into policy change decisions. It shows how drastic things have gotten, perhaps, for the Pope of all people to step it up on climate change. The Vatican is working on campaign support for a climate change accord in Paris in December of this year. This kind of top-down unilateral, global authority is the type of firepower this essential cause requires. I just read a fantastic book that, for me, spelled it out calmly and clearly. My friend Sally had finished this same book a few months ago and, for awhile afterwards, would not shut up about our invasive species. I love science, history, and The Sixth Extinction just won the Pulitzer for non-fiction. I was looking forward to my private geeky book session with this one.

Holy #$*(&@#$. Now I won’t shut up about it. It’s readable, interesting and devastating. You go on a journey to all corners of the world and witness up close the real and escalating consequences of humanity. I don’t think my composting, energy conscious, turn-off-the-water while I brush my teeth lifestyle changes are going to make much of a dent. All other problems, you name it — cancer, natural disasters, education, political and religious unrest, ethics, our own real and everyday issues, anything else, back up into the colossal Mother problem of them all. Namely, the looming disaster we are personally inflicting upon our planet and our shared inhabitants from the microbial to the Blue Whale. Silicon Valley, can you guys please get your smart, technical, innovative minds on this one?

Just between you and me, I have been kind of crazy about this. I personally gave it to one of my famous clients, David Brooks of the New York Times, and practically begged him to read it. (Apologies for annoying name-dropping. David Brooks’ recollection of me would have to be jogged is my guess.) It’s now my birthday present go-to. I have wracked my brain for the “thinkers and doers” among my friends and clients and have urged them to read this one — take on this challenge — if not actually have handed the book over to them. I empathize with those driven by religious zeal, as it’s difficult to remain cool and unbiased when you are gripped by what you believe to be hard truths.

I know it’s not a “positive” book. I hear you. My Mom’s book group of Florida septuagenarians didn’t like it. Why should they care about the frogs in Central America, they mentioned? Oh…sorry! Back to The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and skip negative global warming conjecture! I love and believe in other more inspirational perspectives, too. For example, I obsessed over Abundance, another great book, which projects the near-end of scarcity and amazing technical advances to solve most of our ills. However, ignoring science be it through this book, The Sixth Extinction, the Pope’s attention, the collapse of our honeybee’s in pursuit of a more cheerful Hollywood outcome is unrealistic. This shit is real. And it’s happening on our watch and will play out in our own children’s and grandchildren’s lives. Let me know if you want to talk this one out. In the very least because I’ve perhaps isolated myself from my Real Life Friends on this subject matter and could use outlets further afield.

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