This looks like two straw men having a fight.

Feeling a bit defensive are we? You did get that the focus of this essay is the start-up economy, right? Wherein somebody gets a cool idea that other somebodies agree is cool, so they go to some rich guy and ask for money to convince a whole lot of other somebodies how cool their idea is?

Conflating that into “nothing valuable ever came out of Silicon Valley” is a serious stretch, and exactly the kind of reflexive reaction one expects from those who don’t think beyond the cool idea. Those who have to live with the fallout of a lot of those ideas that have made billions for the few at the expense of the many by the exploitation of the latter aren’t given to that kind of reaction.

Because like it or not, the cult of the startup is not only exploiting people but making it impossible for them to survive. The gentrification that now appears to be a common side effect of the cult’s activities is literally dumping hardworking people onto the streets, where they are then prohibited from appearing because their presence upsets the cultists. Why not? They can always sleep in their cars when they aren’t driving for Uber or Lyft, right?

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