How to Remodel a Bathroom

If it’s been quite a long time since you last remodeled your bathroom, probably you are giving it a thought again. Remodeling a bathroom might take some time and money, but you are doing it for a longer period of time. The wisest idea is to do it good the first time, and upgrade the technologies over time. Bathroom spaces are small and you might not get enough space for remodeling, but at least you can try. You need to set a budget to start and proceed ahead, and also plan a remodeled design to fit everything you need into a congested space.

Few Good Ideas on Remodeling a Bathroom

You might be having problem sorting out your plans on how to remodel a bathroom. We have few ideas in mind that we want to share.

Keep extra money ready

No matter how precisely you make your plans, you will need few extra bucks while the renovation is going on. You won’t know what is causing the extra expenditure but you will feel how the wallet feels lighter and lighter. There could be issues like faulty structure, faulty water lines, and hygiene issues etc. that require fixing. Many issues would just arise once you start taking your bathroom off one by one, and so keep yourself ready to spend at least 15 percent more of the amount you have kept as your budget.

Put the toilet where you can’t see it

Modern toilets are more stylish and functional — this includes hiding the toilet so you don’t see it at first after entering the bathroom. If the bathroom floor space is small it could be trickier, but not impossible in most cases. Just put in some furniture or false wall sort of thingy and redesign the arrangements — you should be done.

Get a new surface for your bathroom

If your bathroom is very old, maybe you are still using some sort of paint to cover up the different parts in your bathroom. Paint used to be good in the past, now the tiles look any bathroom look really good. You just have to pick the right ones and put them in place. Tiles range from cheaper to costlier; depending on your budget choose one. Porcelain tiles are better options for the basin and sink portion, however they might have issues with chipping. If you need something that is going to last, consider steel sinks with enamel on to keep stains away.

Countertop surfaces should be covered with granite and quartz since these parts make a bathroom look beautiful and should be given a better surface to cover up.

Bigger Shower Stalls

The standard used to be 3x3 feet all this days. Seriously, how can someone take a bath in comfort in such a small space? Unless your bathroom is actually 3x3 in dimensions, you should increase the space for the shower stall. 4x6 feet is a good measurement for modern bathrooms, or maybe even 5x7 feet if you have enough space. You could reshape your bathroom to an L shaped size to make sure the water spray stays within the shower stall area and reach no further.

Water Usage is Important

Water is an important asset that should be preserved and never wasted. People die in many parts of the world because they can’t find sweet drinking water, so preserve the blessing while you still can. The newer showerheads are basically low-flow. They let lesser amount of water pass through them yet making the bath feel the same as before. Make sure your bathroom remodeling includes plans to install water saving showerheads and other heads.

There Should Enough Air and Light

A bathroom without light and air entrance could make it damp and wear off the costly remodeling you have done way before their expiry date. If there are windows that can let air and light in without hampering your privacy, then make sure that happens. If not, install ventilation fans and ducts to such the outer air in. For lighting, illumination layers and shades are good bathroom edinbugh options.


For basic remodeling, make sure you are keeping the focus on getting a newer and better look, and preservation of water. For some added luxury, you should focus on getting pricey stuff for the remodeling process.

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