2016 Wandering Recap

A lot has happened since I’ve last been on here. There’s always “something else” to do. But the days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months. And now 7 months later, a recap is better than nothing.

130 miles, 24 hours and 7 crazy friends

July 2016

Ragnar relay race happened. 130 mile relay race to be exact. The Tahoe heat in the summer along with elevation was sure to make us feel alive. The terrain was all trail, it took us 24 hours almost exactly and we came in 3rd place in our division. I wish I could say I helped my team to success, but it was definitely the spirit of the team that kept us alive till the very end. Go Sleepy Sloths!

Michael was our first leg.
Justin was our last leg.

29km for 29

Aug 2016

I turned 29. So I convinced a few friends to run 29 miles of trail together. Morning of the “run,” we changed the metric to km instead. As you can tell, birthdays all seem to have a theme and we’ve deemed them sufferfests. We broke off into two teams, one that would eventually take 10 hours and another that took 3 hours. We saw a rattlesnake, almost ran out of water and nearly crawled back to the car. A cold beer never tasted that good. Let’s see what this year holds… oh yeah, a 50k. #sufferfests continue.

(Left) Sachin looking at our route. (Right) Campsite balloons
(Left) Sequoia National Park. (Right) Junction Meadow.

Big Chief, Tahoe

Nov 2016

I don’t think Mountain Project has Big Chief as a highly climbable area in November. We could barely feel our fingers and was still wet from the torrential downpour a few days before. After the treasure map hunting to get here, we only ever bumped into one other climbing group. This is probably the first time I legit wondered how I could catch my brother if he fell before he clipped in. Both of us were scared shitless. But don’t worry, we’re both alive and well. I had him super tight on the rope and didn’t dare lead the route myself. Both our comfort zones were tested this day. We have to come back when we can tell the difference between frozen fingers and pain.

Cham’s first time in Bishop

Nov 2016

I think Cham finally realized that if he doesn’t go on these trips with me we probably might never see each other. And then he realized why we travel so far for this place. Went to the happies and buttermilks. One thing I’m still super proud of is flashing Weekender. I went back two months later and fell. This is climbing for you. But I knew Cham was ready for more weekends like this.

Holiday in Bishop

Dec 2016

A month and a half later, we spent 5 days here right after Christmas. We knew it was going to be cold, but not this cold. From the time I filled up the cup to putting toothpaste on my toothbrush, the water had frozen over on the top. And I’m not sure who’s bright idea it was to go to the hot springs, only to jump out and do snow angels only to jump right back in to make it feel like needles were all over your body. There was alsoa lot of whiskey involved. The hot springs are definitely a fantastic way to see the Milky Way though. We came back with raw fingers and beautiful memories.


What’s in store for this year? More climbing. New Zealand. Denver. Even more climbing. Start a scrapbook. Draw when I’m outdoors.

I just want to seek the inspiration that I so constantly need/want when I’m back at the comfort of home.