Bikes, Rain and ‘Recovery’

Baker Beach, SF

Biking has arguably become my favorite form of transportation! And little did I know that Baker Beach was a mere hop skip and jump away. Given it’s all a nice downhill. Meaning it’s a pretty good uphill coming home. Took a small detour to get a vietnamese sandwich in the Inner Richmond and then rode down to the beach. Just in case this current stormy weather has gotten you down, let me remind you that just last weekend it was a nice 75 degrees and sunny.

At least we got some tennis in before it started to pour on Sunday. This isn’t just rain. It’s rain-rain. The real stuff we haven’t had for years. So I’m not used to having to equip my backpack with an umbrella and whip out my rain boots. But this staying-still-thing is probably best for me. I got into a small scuffle a week and a half ago on my bike and my ankle needs some healing. Nothing major, I’m fine. But I think because of the constant movements I’m giving my ankle and my back, it’s overcompensating elsewhere, which is even more painful. I probably just need to lay off for a week. Now I just have to learn to stay still for a week. Yeah… right.

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