Buenos Aires @ Night [ 1 of 11 ]

We finally arrived! After 14 hours on a plane and a layover, we made it. It’s funny how when I make trips like this I always forget how terrible the flights were. Maybe because the minute you get off the plane, you are transformed into another culture of things to absorb.

Here’s the awesome AirBnb that we’re staying at. It’s pretty amazing with 3 balconies with lots of air and light.

Our host, Mercedes, was super patient about our arrival time. We got here around midnight and she was there to greet us and give us a walk through. Although the language barrier was there, this wasn’t her first rodeo. She had an iPad that had google translate on it. We were pretty hungry from the flight so we went on a search at 1am for food.

Even though it was 1:30am, people were still out and about. The streets were pretty empty but here were quite a few people in bars and walking around. But what was most peculiar was that every two blocks or so, there were police cops everywhere. It felt pretty safe to just wander around so late.

We got our first cervesas in Buenos Aires and celebrated being on vacation. Cant wait to see how everything looks during the day! Until then! Buenos noches!

Originally published on 12/14/15 at lizlizwanders.weebly.com.

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