Putting miles in Buenos Aires [ 2 of 11 ]

Small street downtown that reminds me of Stone St. in NYC.

After sleeping in a little bit (a lot), we finally left our home away from home and ventured out. It was pretty damn hot, so getting some fresh juice at Buenos Aires Verde was well worth it. Though we did think that it was supposed to be semi cheaper here, it still cost the same US Dollars as home for a green machine drink. I guess kale is the same price no matter where you go.

Same for fancy coffee at Lab. Now, I understand and can speak basic Spanish, but every time I try to order something, they start speaking a mile a minute and I just stare back blankly. When they realize I’m an idiot, they then try to use key words and hand signals to give me hints. I blank out and can’t even say “no hablas espanol.” Even when I try to say “gracias,” the first thing I think of is “merci.”

In any case, we ended up walking around 10 miles across town! It was pretty awesome seeing the different neighborhoods change from cobblestone roads to downtown suits.

Came across this awesome garden/jungle! It was super pretty and at the least bit, shaded us from the heat.

Of course we stopped for some cervesas! The roads got super small as we went more downtown. Felt very NYC financial district on Stone St. Then we walked down to the “famous” Av. Caseros. It had literally 3 places to eat. I mean they were really really cute. But not sure it was worth the extra mile walk.

However, we did get bomb ass bread from Hierbabuena after we had their amazing juice.

All in all, it was actually really fun walking around and discovering all the different neighborhoods. Tomorrow? The east part of town! Until then, cervesas and bread are to be consumed! Salut!

Originally published on 12/15/15 at lizlizwanders.weebly.com.