El Chalten is a dream [ 5 of 11 ]

The small city of El Chalten. The valley under the Fitz Roy.

El Chalten should be known for the people and the Fitz Roy just happens to be there. The life here is pretty crazy. Not only is it completely true about the Patagonian winds, but come winter, all the guides and most people flee “home,” which sounds like it’s mainly Buenos Aires. Our host says that 1,000 people are here in the summer season and about 300 stay throughout the year.

On our drive here, there is only one road to get here. We learned today from the super cute trinket-selling girl that they only built the paved road 7 years ago. And that El Chalten has only been around for 30 years! They also didn’t have a gas station or grocery store till 10 years ago. The closest ones were in El Calafate, where we drove from.

Those jagged toothed mountains behind us is The Fitz Roy!

We were there for 4 days, hiking, ice climbing and more hiking. I think we logged at least 50 miles of hiking there.

All the hikes we did would have little bitty Fitz in the background teasing you, making you think you’re close. But in reality you have about 2 hours left of pure uphill battles. We did three different hikes that took us to different perspectives of the Fitz Roy, Laguna Torre, Laguna de Los tres, and Pliegue Tumbado. Pliegue Tumbado was completely ALL uphill. All 3 hours of it. But soooo worth the pain!

But boy are the views worth it…

Originally published on 12/21/15 at lizlizwanders.weebly.com.

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