Icebergs for Christmas in Chile [ 9 of 11 ]

We made it to Chile! Finally. After the entire fiasco we just were happy we got to cross the border.

We also finally met up with my brother, Justin and his bff Nikhil! It was a perfectly packed car and off we headed to Torres del Paine National Park.

For Christmas, we decided to go kayaking on Lago Grey and down the river. We were pretty weary about the weather, the day before the winds were howling and crazy. When we got picked up, our guides, Leslie and Christian, said that we got super lucky today and that there is no wind on the lake or the river. But it would be super cold. So they layered us up with a onesie thermal layer, waterproof pants with thin booties attached, a real pair of booties, a waterproof jacket and a vest. (Peeing was muy difficult.)

Because of the lack of wind, instead of going down the entire river, we went closer to where all the icebergs from Glacier Grey end up in this small peninsula. They said this happens maybe twice a season and it was beyond spectacular. The icy blue merging from the calm water was nothing like I’ve seen before! Especially being so up close.

It was raining and misty so we didn’t see Torres del Paine in the background. But we did get to flow down the river with the quiet rain and tall mountains that the river carves through. After about halfway down the river, we stopped for lunch. Our guides built a tarp for us to eat under, brought out sandwiches, cookies, cut up fruit, coffee, tea and chocolates. It was heaven to be a little warmer and a little less wet. Ro, Justin and Nikhil went through a few more “rough” rapids and got pretty wet. And we kind of just let the river take us. My rowing partner (Cham) probably can attribute his sore arms to my weak arms. Oops.

The day before, we had went shopping for Christmas dinner because nothing would be open the day of. So for Christmas Day, we cooked up a nice little meal for the 5 of us. To our surprise it turned out really well!! We even made sure to buy some ice cream for dessert.

We drank wine and had some Charlie Brown Christmas playing from an iPhone. It was a perfect holiday with the best Patagonian family I could ask for.

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