Buenos Aires is what the Mission in SF wants to be [ 3 of 11 ]

Today consisted of wine, beer and more wine! Which resulted in a much needed siesta. We are staying in the Pelermo neighborhood of BA and the more we walk around, the more I keep wondering if all of these places try to be cute and quaint or is that just BA’s thing? We’ve concluded that it’s definitely their thing.

Every piece of silverwear and decor is everything the Mission in SF is trying to be. It’s so amazingly perfect and beautiful here. Every twist and corner has a secret gem of a wine bar or arepas shop that’s full of people although you wouldn’t know it from the outside.

Even their la cuenta holder is fantastico. The lax lifestyle also plays a big role in their culture. The Americans (us) always need our water filled or check given to you on a whim. It’s almost as if they forgot you were there.

We are pretty stoked to get somewhere without the heat and humidity. Burnos Aires has been good to us! Just walking and frolicking in the tree-lined streets has been amazing and pretty much perfect.

Off to El Chalten mañana! Adios for now!

Originally published on 12/16/15 at lizlizwanders.weebly.com.