The Road to Recovery

I’ve never quite played team sports before. I did run track and continue to run long distances post-high school. As Cham would like to say, “Liz is athletic, but she’s not an athlete.” So nice of him, right?

Anywho, I sprained my left ankle pretty badly 3 weeks ago playing soccer. This is my first time playing a contact sport and the first time I sprained my ankle. And damn… did that shit hurt. Two of my teammates had to carry me off the field and into the car to get me home. I walked around my apartment with hiking sticks and soaked my foot in a salt bath in a bear canister. It was pretty pathetic. But thank goodness nothing was broken.I have to say that those initial 3 days were pretty terrible, but nothing is quite as bad as the road to recovery.

The slightest tweak coming down stairs shoots lightening up my leg. I tried climbing the other day and to no surprise, falling down 10 ft onto a big fat cushion still hurts. I guess I should also mention that I got into a small bicycle accident 3–4 months ago. My right ankle somehow got smashed by my bike when I crashed and I haven’t been able to shake the pain for awhile. The doctor confirmed that nothing was broken, but can he explain why my bicycle-injured-ankle hurts more than my soccer-injured-ankle? I feel so broken… I’ve never been this “injured” before. I know… I don’t have it bad at all! But it’s still not fun. It’s hard to sit still and not do anything. It’s actually kind of the worst knowing I can’t just lace my up shoes and go for a run. I guess it’s the row machine and yoga for the next few weeks.

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