Valentines Day in Auburn Quarry

We decided to go to Auburn Quarry for a day of climbing. We actually forgot that it was Valentines Day, but we probably wouldn’t have wanted to spend it any other way. The weather was a perfect breeze around 75. Gotta love California.

I went with my brother, Justin, his girlfriend, Fanny and of course Chammy. He doesn’t climb, but I think we piqued his interest enough.

Oh and of course, BAILEY, our climbing dog, came! We were surprised by how there was absolutely nobody there! We got to climb ALL the routes! Not only that, but we lead all the routes! Justin lead his first 10.b clean! I lead it as well, but it’s kind of cheating when someone puts in the draws for you. But hey, I still lead it! It’s always fun to get scared out of your mind and keep climbing.

Anyway, I’ve been doing these fun 3sec clips throughout the day and stitching them together. But since I wasn’t too focused on making this video, it doesn’t quite have the same story-line as I wanted, but oh well.

“All the climbs” — Auburn Quarry

Heres another 3sec videos stitched together from other outdoor excursions.

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