When people in vulnerable populations are being verbally and physically assaulted in the name of the president-elect, and that president-elect refuses to denounce that violence and instead tweets that protests are “unfair,” do you not hear how callous and cruel you are to demand that the victims rise above and turn the other cheek? Do you not know how tone deaf you are you to post about people “whining” over their “team losing” and wring your hands over participation trophies? Do you really have no idea how big an asshole you are when you claim that the people posting pictures of graffitied swastikas are the problem — and not the people painting the fucking swastikas? Do you not realize that you only have the option to “come together” because the “other team” doesn’t literally want you dead?

Our vice-president-elect supports attempting to electroshock me into straightness. Those swastikas are very clear threats against my Jewish children. I have trans, Latinx, Black, and Muslim friends who have every reason to fear they’ll be beaten in the street, and the very people who are supposed to be there to help will either turn a blind eye or participate in the beating. I have women friends who are stock-piling birth control because when their reproductive rights are taken away, their LIVES will be in danger.

And the real kicker? The incoming regime didn’t even win the popular vote — they won because of a system that was put in place to protect the rights of slaveholders. The party that will rule for the next few years is only in control of the House because they’ve gerrymandered districts to make it so. They’ll control the Supreme Court because they’ve refused to do their job and confirm the appointee the current president has the right and obligation to appoint. That party does not have a majority or a mandate. Their rule is illegitimate. It is nothing short of a coup.

And now their policies will have very real effects on all of us, and the darkest, most violent impulses of their followers have been unleashed and validated. We, the majority, who did not vote for this, might have to suffer through it, but we WILL fight back, and we will NOT be polite, and THAT is the motherfucking American way. If that offends you, well, ask for a trigger warning, borrow a safe space, snuggle a participation trophy, and consider the depths of your privilege if, after you unfriend me, you never have to think about any of this again.