The sweet and comforting feeling of rest, peace and safety. A gentle flow of emotions draw the mind to rest, as if held by loving arms lulling to sleep. A long days’ end embraced by a sense of fulfillment. It’s time to let go and restore, revive and above all rest.

Some nights, though, something usually luring in the darkest corner of our minds, escapes the chains of logic. Sometimes you ought to meet the heroes’ biggest challenge. The one moment feared by all. Sometimes the night will chant with a promise it may not keep.

Rest, sweet angel, rest assured, for the night is always darkest before the down. And right here is where you are patiently awaited.

Slowly drifting into thoughts, happily falling deep into the night. The surface to rest, so soft so embracing. Relax every single muscle to the point of not feeling the limbs. Although, there is feeling in the limbs, there is a feeling of weight. A weight so heavy as if being restraint. Held firmly onto a surface, no escape, little air and the feeling of something watching.

Left in suspense, underlined with music of a thriller, slowly playing. Almost silently but still present. The kind of melody, which seem to penetrate through your skin, slowly raising every single hair present while one is anxiously awaiting the moment of truth. Only, there is no moment of truth, no break nor chance to regain control. Paralysed, held against the will, only to await what ever is coming.

In a threatening manner, the music becomes louder while turning from melodic into madly whispering voices. The platform held against becomes visual, as seen from above: in a downwards spiral movement with two long dark red arms reaching from underneath and holding the body firmly. No escape, no movement possible. Barely breathing while lips are unable to form an alarming sound. The platform spinning, the strong grip of the dark red arms and the whispers combined — hit home.

Fear might strike, panic may take over but nothing will lessen the grip nor slow the platform down. Fear will not help, it will give ’em more power. The whispers, the movement, the strong dark red arms and the dark silhouette at the end of the bed.

Rest sweet angel, rest assured for the night is always darkest before the dawn.