Fall Out Boy’s Online Presence

Chicago emo rockers Fall Out Boy have been an omnipresent social media source since the band’s inception. Bassist Pete Wentz was heavily into MySpace and LiveJournal during their heyday, and they became one of the first bands to use Facebook and Twitter.

The band currently has 9,383,197 likes on Facebook, with 32,082 people talking about them. This makes their engagement level .34%, which is poor. However, this could be explained by the fact that they haven’t released anything since early January and their winter tour has not gotten underway yet. The band mostly posts news about their appearances, releases, and tour dates on their Facebook page. They don’t do much fan engagement on Facebook.

The band is a bit more active on Twitter. They have 1.94 million followers, with only 3,664 tweets. The band is following 12.3 thousand people, many of whom are fans. They often go on “follow sprees,” following countless people at once. This is a good tool for them, as it gets fans excited and talking about the band. They are also active on Instagram, but they mainly only use it for posting pictures of their shows.

Fall Out Boy’s website is pretty cool. Right away, you’re asked for your email to join their mailing list. If you enter your email, you get 15% off at their web store. Their website is www.falloutboy.com, but it’s hosted by Tumblr. The site has a simple, easy to follow black and white layout. It has links to their music, tour dates, web store, and lyrics from six of their albums, as well as photo and video content of the band. It’s a pretty good quality website compared to other band sites I’ve encountered.