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Ain’t no power like the power of the people!

Miami, FL — Today, longtime community leader Reina Gómez won a long battle to stop her deportation and has been granted a reprieve so she can continue to fight for the human rights of of domestic workers and all low-wage women workers. Thanks to the help from her lawyer, the power of the people and the support of community organizations, Reina Gomez can now request a work permit and driver’s license for one more year and expects to get them renewed next year.

After living in the country for over 12 years, Reina received a deportation order after her request for asylum was denied. Due to a terminal-illness that demands constant medical attention and her compliance with her regular ICE check-ins, every year she was allowed to stay. But due to the change in government, this year Reina’s check-in with ICE became a nightmare that almost got her deported. With fear of becoming the next victim of ICE’s “silent raids”, Reina called on her community for support so she wouldn’t go alone to confront ICE and they couldn’t deport her without witnesses like they’ve done with hundreds of other immigrants.

“In this moment I feel my heart full of joy, I was living a long time with anguish around my case and where it was going. I am very excited about the success of being able to stay one more year, and being able to drive and go to work.” says Reina Gomez, for whom deportation could have meant death due to her terminal illness that can only be treated in this country. “Right now all I see is my people smiling at the success of our collective victory. As a woman in this movement, I am thankful for the fact that I can be an example for others to keep on fighting. I want to especially thank organizations that made this effort successful and to say that you gave us all a victory and a reason to fight for others.”

The people showed up and supported Reina throughout the process and came together to stand in solidarity with her, just like Reina has done previously for her community.Reina participated on a hunger strike to win workers’ rights as a janitor, she has taken risks in her activism and has contributed to the community by publicly speaking despite undergoing several treatments for her terminal illness. To this day, Reina continues to speak up for domestic workers rights. We want to thank the community members, leaders, and media organizations that made this victory possible.

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