The Will — Chapter 1

There’s a light on inside. Somebody’s home. I can see their shadow through the curtains like flickering light inside tired eyes. I move towards the front door quietly. The tension in my body does not slow my pace. As I reach for the knocker, the door opens slowly. There stands Bill, my long lost brother. His face is twisted and set into a heavily lined frown. “Come in,” his voice tight and rough. He’s already walking back into the livingroom, thin slippers flipping against the dusty floorboards.

The house is small and stuffy. A one story pre-fabricated piece from the late 90’s. It smells of noodle soup and cat litter. I settle myself on the flowered sofa as Bill flips into the kitchen. It has been 20 years since I’ve seen my brother. I feel queasy and unprepared.

Bill settles himself in front of me with his glass of scotch. His gaze settles on the corner of the coffee table between us and stays there. “So what’s up?” He says finally, breaking uncountable moments of breathless tension.

“Bill, mom died.” Some of the tightness drains from my body.

“Is that all?”

“She left us some…things in her Will.”


“Yeah. Well… You know mom.” A flicker of a smile passes through the lines of Bill’s face. “Yeah,” he says gravely.

The tension is back.

To be continued.

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