Considering Brexit
Jordan Greenhall

When we say “opportunity” — we have to concede it is not simply and opening for forces we like, admire, trust, wish to empower — but an opening too for the forces of destruction, explicit tyranny, accumulation and consolidation of existing power.

As existing power was and is always able to hedge their bets — sometimes via finance and when that fails — munitions and armies or hyperlocal reactionaries — we can’t be Panglossian Evolutionairies in the face of far right standard issue organization and revolution. They meet every week, organize and take over local councils and counties while we theorize and blog. (I include myself here….)

Is this an opening? It’s an opening THEY seized 15 years ago... They have the long view. THEY have perspective. THEY have gerrymandered districts to ensure seats for generations. THEY have in mind the actual grunt work it takes to bring this sort of moment to fruition. THEY have taken over school boards and funding districts, THEY are enacting local restrictions and privatization — favoring trans nationals and attempting to sell off public lands pandering to people who don’t have two nickles to rub together.

We don’t know what hit us. 
Half of us voted for the meteor.

Us and them? Too green I am sure…but I am no Evolutionary Panglossian. Nothing is inevitable, least of all justice, fairness or enlightenment.

Evolution is not linear. It spreads in a trillion different directions at once. Huge swathes of genomic expression simply collapse. There is no telos to it.

If actual agency is what emerges instead of corralled resistance masking as self determination that would be truly wonderful. The most obvious short term outcome though is a much more confident far-right in the West.

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