An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

It’s a shame: 
Instead of providing an opportunity for an intelligent discussion about the extreme cost of living in the Bay Area versus the insufficent wages some companies choose to pay, and serving as a valid example, this letter to the CEO reeks of entitlement and unchecked privilege. If you expect to enter the workforce with no prior exprience and live a more-than-comfortable life writing witty Tweets and memes full-time in the most expensive and competitive tech city in America, you’re delusional.

I respect a bold, unapologetic outcry in the face of injustice, but this isn’t it. You aren’t giving a voice to those who are truly struggling, you’re just complaining about the circumstances you’ve outright chosen.

While I believe it would, without a doubt, be to the company’s benefit to pay a higher wage to customer service agents (an extremely valuable asset to any company) and a fair, well-deserved benefit to the employees, I would also not have hesitated for a second in firing someone with this kind of attitude and piss-poor perspective.

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