Issues with animals in the USA

The United States is a high growing nation, with an even higher population of animals who do not have homes. We are surrounded with issues regarding animals including, puppy mills, unsure of adopting, homeless animals, and low funding for shelters. Puppy mills take away from these dogs, cats, & other various animals who could easily be adopted from a local shelter. Puppy mills are created for consumers to purchase these animals who have been bred for this specific purpose. There are many articles & research teams who have discovered the poor conditions of puppy mills & their ill effects on the adoption statistics. According to, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, puppy mills often produce unhealthy pets, who are genetically predisposed to all sorts of problems. These animals do not have the bonding time with their mothers and siblings that are crucial to their future. These animals in these mills are not only treated horribly, they are used for their breeding abilities and tossed aside when they are not producing properly. In my opinion, all these mills need to be closed and the animals need to be rescued and put up for adoption. When animals are put in shelters for adoption, given their age and health, there is usually a good chance they will be adopted. Some cities are so over run with loose animals, that you can find a new pet on the street just by walking around the corner. In my city for example, we have a wide variety of dogs who do not have homes. These dogs are left to roam the streets, scavenging for food, when in a good situation, they could be in a shelter, being taken care of. Not only are there animals who were either abandoned on the streets, or born there, but there are some abandoned at animal shelters. These pets abandoned at animal shelters are often given away due to obedience problems. Low funding is something else we could look at when it comes to animals not being taken care of, something my state has struggled with and continues to struggle with for the foreseeable future. The budget for animal shelters in California is extremely low compared to other budgets for different areas. Acquiring a pet is a serious business, there are a lot of factors to consider. You must be able to care for the pet if it gets injured or sick, pay for shots which are required, licensing, spay and neutering, and even the food that they eat. There is a huge array of factors that must be considered that some people tend to overlook. For example, I adopted a new puppy in February and by March, she had contracted parvo. Parvovirus is a deadly disease that is spread in puppies. I had to dig into my savings to take care of my dog, and thankfully she survived. The United States is coming into a new era of development, and hopefully in this we can take our pets and local animals into consideration.

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