It has been a better day,i should probably get into the psychic business as a seer. OOP becomes an easy concept ones it is understood.I have been reading up on UML class diagrams and wire frames,they are surprisingly easy to understand contrary to what i previously believed.Sleeping for two hour only was worth it(a smiling sleep depraved zombie). I implemented the two to suit my shopping list application needs.The ideas are limitless.I am trying not to get ahead of myself(and probably trip).

I am eager to know what Test Driven Development is all about.The mental image I have is of an alien monster waiting to be dissected.(I am the amateur nurse holding a scalpel all wrong)

I have to commend my team mates,for their patience and help(putting up with my endless questions and helping out to the best of their ability.)I have to admit,I admire their brains in solving problems.The way they explain technical things in layman terms, is just something else.(I should probably tell them this and suggest they start making video tutorials for dummies.)

Yesterday I consulted a friend with an IT background on some of the challenges i was encountering,their response, although negative.(‘this shit is hard,why are you even doing it.Don’t you realize urban planning is way easier,after all you have been studying it for 4 years.’)kept me awake and studying so as to prove that its not as hard as it seem.The support i received from those doing the same thing(team mates) motivated me to want to learn more and catch up because i believe nothing is too hard when you put your mind and lots of practice to it.

I have realized that I may be setting unrealistic expectations and deadlines for myself. Between reading new material and implementing it I forget to take into account how long it might actually take me to understand them.I feel like there is not enough hours in a day.If seconds were a little longer than we know them to be,maybe an extra hour or two would be added to a day.(or we would probably just have longer hour.)

I just remembered that yesterday i was told that ‘shit happens’by my LFA. So with that in mind, I decided to checked my previous posts to see what I have been writing (or rather ranting) and posting.Most of the time I write I am normally caught up in writing that I forget to read through and when I do, my mind is normally racing and auto correcting in my head ,faster than my hands can write.I was embarrassed by all the grammatical errors I had.Therefore today I am trying to be cautious but I keep getting ahead of myself .It is a good thing I probably have no readers or followers.(to the future generation please invent a mind reading software,complete with probe and all)At least I hope it will have the same calming effect that comes with writing.

I am hoping that by the end of my day(26 hr day).I will have made substantial progress and when tomorrow comes i will remember to eat(i keep forgetting to eat hmm.)I should probably get fries.I will get fries in a few.

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