who said i am quitting?

What seemed hard becomes easy immediately when you understand it. Practicing what you have learnt is a bitter sweet experience. Implement what you have learnt becomes challenging at first then easy with time, before it gets monotonous and the cycle begins.

My Andela boot-camp experience has been a roller-coaster so far. My internet connection has not been cooperative since the exercise began. Despite the use of a modem, a router,troubleshooting my computer just in case the problem was internal and even to the extent of switching towns.(Maybe just maybe coming closer to Nairobi will improve my orange/Telcom internet connections.)
All in all the previously downloaded tutorials helped a great deal.I can confidently say that I understand the logic behind (version control) git bash and git hub.A video tutorial by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KCQe9Pm1kg . Puts it in an interesting way in describing how pushing a commit work he says” Pushing a commit is sending what you have on your local repository to a far far away land and (even draws this wonderland (the git hub repository))”. Yesterday I had a tough time understanding how git bash fits into git hub and how exactly it is used.
After several tutorials from different people, I realize that it makes work a lot easier. Like a personal secretary in charge of your local repository who needs precise instructions and scolds you when you tell her something ambiguous. I learnt that relying on different tutorials gives you a better overview of what is expected and the different perspectives to look at it. I still require a lot of practice in that. I am hopeful that, there will come a time when I will not have to keep referring to my notes ever few seconds, or forgetting basic steps and syntax.
I previously used note pad++ to write my HTML and CSS code. In as much as it works probably not very efficiently but it does. Writing in visual studio code proved to be a lot easier the explanation and uses they give for the different elements is very helpful. Constantly reminding you of what the different elements and tags do when the cursor hovers over it. I am left wondering what I have been doing all along,and where has it been all my programming life.(‘still crawling’ years old.)My work is neater and more organized unlike my previous jumbled up thoughts scattered all over the place.

I find myself spending a lot of time learning new information than implementing them. To solve this I decided to use video tutorials other than just reading PDFs and books.Watching tutorials allows you to follow instruction and later try to implement what you’ve learnt while in-cooperating the different ideas in mind. Although video tutorials may leave out some details while trying to be brief and clear at the same time. Reading and taking notes comes in handy after watching tutorials. This is because then you have an idea as to what it’s all about while reviewing and learning what might have been left out in the videos.
Trying to remember all the terminologies and using them right is a little difficult.I made a conscious decision to use the right terms(and reward myself with candy when I use the right one instead of my typical response ‘thingy’).

The hardest pill to swallow is the feeling that you are pulling your team down, considering my unreliable internet and failing laptop.(If I start talking about it, it may sound like a sob story..and I am trying to be positive.)Especially when you finally get internet in the evening and after logging in to slack, you have missed out on a huge chunk of important conversation. I believe tomorrow will be a better day,why wait for tomorrow though.It is a better day it could be worse. I have made considerable steps toward ensuring that I have internet connection so that interacting with my team mates becomes easier. (It might take more than a village…to become the world class programmer I am working towards.(Probably divine intervention too)).

With a positive outlook ,I will try to meet deadline.(I thought I was time conscious and always meet deadline.)My recent experiences are making me reconsider, but I will bounce back and tomorrow I will talk about how proud I am of myself.