The 12th Amendment is the reason why it will never be time for a third party (at least, until the…
Morgan Thorp

I appreciate your perspective. I have no doubt about how much closer to home this election feels to you. My family is multiracial and I have grappled with my own fears of a Trump presidency and ask myself often whether I am considering all of the information. That’s all any of us can do — consider all the information and make the most informed decisions we can. I encourage people to consider the information I present, not to parrot my opinion or to take it as their own. I trust people are capable of filtering and absorbing information, running it through the gears of their values systems, and making the best choices they can with the information they choose to use in their decision-making.

If not my perspective, I highly recommend this read from a friend:

“I’m as horrified of Hillary as I am of Trump because Hillary poses a direct danger to me, my family and other communities of marginalized people in America and around the globe.”
but Donald Trump is the kind of existential threat to the Republic that simply hasn’t happened in this country before…

What information is the public basing this dystopic vision of a post-Trump presidency on? I think the man is distasteful, unqualified, bombastic, and unpredictable. He has, so far, assembled an administration that causes great concern. Unfortunately, so has Hillary Clinton — a climate change-denying, pro-TPP, militaristic, big business back-scratching administration.

The argument I am making is that voting for Clinton will harm people in ways her supporters — even the reluctant — are not considering. Imagination determines Trump will be dangerous; history shows Clinton will be.

An idea: How about we keep them both out of the White House? After all, America is, at least, 99 percent “us.”

I wish I were wrong here…but you only have to look to the kinds of people who Mike Pence has made a career from the support of to find the truth in it.

Yes, I’m familiar. It’s appalling. It’s in my consideration set for why I am not voting for Trump, not in a consideration set of why I should vote for Clinton.

Clinton’s biggest donors include Saudi Arabia and some of the most oppressive governments in existence. She made her career at the State Department ‘supporting’ major donors with weapons deals. She has muddied her relationship with the media with money in such a way that should be causing widespread distrust — oh, wait…

If we want someone who hasn’t made a career out of corrupt dealings, we better look further than the candidates the two parties have provided.

If you truly believe that Black Lives Matter, and if you truly value the lives of LGBT people…

I genuinely do.

I also believe the lives of those categorically deemed ‘unpeople’ matter — the civilians of every nation living in fear of America with Clinton’s and Obama’s and Bush’s and Cheney’s and every post World War II president’s handiwork in their nightmares.

…then you’ll get off this privileged nonsense…


…and support the only candidate to the left of Reagan who has any chance of even getting on the ballot in enough states to win this election.

Jill Stein is on the ballot in enough states to win ... and she’s left of Reagan and Clinton.