“I’m not opposed to the EITC, however, that program is costly.
Jay Sun

I never said that automation and outsourcing will create jobs? Exactly the opposite. Employers are doing this anyway, and still holding it as a threat, as you are perpetuating, that raising wages will lead to outsourcing and automation. They’re gutting the American workforce whether they make $7.25/hr or $15/hr. It doesn’t matter, because Capitalism’s only metric for success is more. Which is why I referred to trade deals like NAFTA and the TPP as disastrous, because they are. Companies shouldn’t be able to exploit labor in the third world to make unnecessary products for a country of consumers, nor should they be able to use those low standards for ethical wages as a barometer for what to pay American workers: I.E. If wages don’t stay stagnant, we’ll just pay someone $1/hr wherever we can get this cheap, planned obsolescent snuggie made for the American people.

Automation will eventually make most or all of the jobs we know today obsolete. So what then? People weren’t destined for full-time employment, people made all the rules that we follow. We have to adjust our policies and processes to progress with the times. For now, that includes living wages. In the future, if automation guts jobs, that could be a good thing. We could move toward a minimum guaranteed income for every citizen. We could stop living to work. We could stop valuing people by the sociopathic standards of business.

Regarding wage theft, this is the case I was alluding to: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2015/11/tyson-supreme-court-case-wage-theft

So what do you think the minimum wage should be? What is your version of a fair and ethical minimum wage?

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