Young students, right now, are sitting in journalism classes and being told that there are jobs. Meanwhile, more and more of those jobs dry up every single year.
Publishing is dead. This is why.
J. Westenberg

To be fair, I graduated with a degree in journalism 6 years ago and they were already telling us there weren’t jobs. They were honest and almost too persuasive that there were very few full-time, sufficiently-paid positions for journalists and that the way of the future was contract, freelance work — they even discussed how that would impact the quality of journalism.

It reminds me of the growth of adjunct, part-time professors — full-time academics are paid for teaching as well as mingle with other departments, ongoing research, publishing papers, etc. Adjunct, part-time professors work nights as bartenders and have no incentive to improve their fields aside from their own commitment to its excellence.

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