hey america, you better get ready

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I have had enough.

I have had enough of all of this pretending that Trump voters voted for Trump on anything other than the basis of hatred, sexism, and discrimination—either that, or they are sorely lacking in any critical thinking ability whatsoever.

“Hillary Clinton is a liar!” Pot, meet kettle. Politifact has ranked nearly 70% of Trump’s analyzed statements as Mostly False, False, or Pants-on-Fire level lies, while only 4% of his statements are True. Clinton’s statements are 75% True, Mostly True, or Half True (“that’s not good enough!” you say — no shit, but in my opinion, it’s better than False), with just 25 of her statements at Pants-on-Fire inaccuracy. Donald Trump cares about nothing other than the false reality he has built himself with his “alternative facts” and “fake news” claims towards any organization that dares criticize him.

“We didn’t really think he would take our healthcare/ban immigrants/build a wall!” Then why the hell did you vote for him? Really, tell me why. Tell me what appealed to you about him if it wasn’t his policy, because it sure as hell couldn’t have been his whiny, overcompensating personality. He’s followed through on the immigration ban, is planning on building the wall (with American tax dollars, don’t even try to tell me Mexico will pay for it), is restricting scientific progress… he’s everything he claimed to be, and it’s not his fault (for once) that you thought he was posturing to get votes.

“Hillary Clinton put our nation in jeopardy with her private email!” Shut the fuck up. I don’t want to fucking hear it anymore. Not when the majority of Trump voters think he should be allowed to have his own goddamn private email. You don’t get to claim a man accused of multiple counts of sexual assault is a better candidate than a woman who used a private email, and then absolve him of blame if he decides to use one. It doesn’t WORK that way.

“Hillary Clinton was beholden to Wall Street and Donald Trump will drain the swamp!” Buddy, I don’t know where you got the idea that Donald Trump would have better contacts than Hillary Clinton, but, as you liked to remind us, Donald Trump is a business man, so why would he have anything other than his own economic interests in mind? Donald Trump has drained the swamp directly into his cabinet, and if you think he’s “looking out for the little guy,” you’re in for a rough four years.

You can’t vote for one candidate over another based on a reservation that applies to both of them—it doesn’t make sense, and it makes you a hypocrite.

Recently, one of my professors told my class, in regards to the election results, “we aren’t ready for a woman president.”

Naturally, I disagreed instantly, but the thought stuck with me for some time after that class, and I’m starting to think he was right.

We should have seen it with the t-shirts.

“Lock her up!” “Hillary sucks, but not like Monica!” “Trump that bitch!” “Trump vs Tramp!” “KFC Hillary Special: Fat thighs, small breasts, left wing.” “Life’s a bitch, don’t vote for one.”

We were kidding ourselves if we didn’t think gender had anything to do with it.

In his first week as President, Donald Trump has:

  1. Reinstated the global gag order on international health organizations that even mention abortion, which is proven to get women around the world killed but sure, Donald, you’re “pro-life.”
  2. Issued executive orders to start moving the KeystoneXL and Dakota Access Pipelines along again, after the short-lived victory of getting DAPL halted.
  3. Ordered various science organizations to stop posting to social media, remove certain aspects of their webpages that he doesn’t like (*cough* climate change), and has decided that all future publications must be approved before being published.
  4. Proposed ways to pay for the border wall—which is supposed to begin building soon, apparently—until Mexico decides to pay us back.
  5. Issued an executive order halting the immigration of refugees into the nation from Muslim countries—not ones he holds businesses in, though—and has promised to give Christian immigrants and refugees “priority” over Muslims. On Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Donald Trump is going to get us killed. Whether it’s through his actions, such as refusing entry to refugees and getting them killed, or refusing funding to health organizations that provide abortions among other things and getting women killed, or forcing DAPL’s construction that will result in an oil spill that gets Native People killed, or silencing evidence of climate change and getting the entire planet killed, or through his inactions, such as not going to his security briefings and never having a goddamn clue as to what might really be threatening the country—either way, Donald Trump is going to have a body count.

Yeah, you heard me. Donald Trump is going to have a body count that is significantly higher than whatever you think Hillary Clinton’s body count is. What happens to your moral high ground now, hmm?

This wasn’t just about gender, though. It was about race.

Granted, I’m not the best person to speak to this—I’m a 20 year old white woman from the Midwest—but I can see it.

And white women: we really fucked this up. And I know we fucked it up because the majority of white women voted for Trump but the Women’s March had a huge turnout of white women. We knew what a Trump presidency meant, not just for us as women but for minorities as well, we cannot pretend otherwise, and we did not care until we crashed the car and suddenly realized we had the power to turn the steering wheel.

America wasn’t just unprepared for a woman president; America wasn’t ready for a woman president who did not elevate her own race above those of others. Would a black woman or a Latina woman or a woman of another race done better than Hillary Clinton? I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not, I don’t know enough political science to say. But I wonder if we saw Hillary Clinton’s efforts at inclusion and decided she was betraying her own race, and voted against her in favor of someone who wouldn’t do that. And that is unacceptable.

I have had enough of Trump voters trying to pretend they didn’t get what they voted for, because they sure as hell did. This isn’t about economics. I don’t give a flying fuck what you think of liberal vs conservative economic policies. This became so much bigger than that—it became about human rights, both our own and of those across the world.

Donald Trump isn’t anything other than he purported to be. And that means one of two things: either you voted for hatred, or you voted against love because “she just wasn’t likable enough,” and were betting on the fact that Trump wouldn’t follow through on any of his promises. Guess what: you let him in the White House, he called your bluff, and now he’s not the only one who’s going to have blood on his hands—so are you.

America, you better get ready, because these next four years are going to be the fight of our life, and if we are ever, ever presented with this situation again—an unlikeable but experienced female candidate and the actual embodiment of everything that is wrong with this nation—I expect you to not fuck this up again. Because if the Women’s March is any indication, women—of all races and walks of life, not just white women, especially given what we did this time—are going to be our saviors in the coming years, and I’m willing to bet that our next presidential primaries are going to have record female turnout.

For now: resist.

In four years, we had better be ready to make real history.