Hateloving on Public Transportion

or — Mid-Morning Musing on Muni

WTF bus driver. You saw me running. You SAW ME. No, you didn’t know I had to get far away to the East Bay for a rehearsal, you didn’t know that BART was going to prevent me from getting there on time. . .BUT, you totally saw me running and you ignored my pleading eyes. Bastard.

Oh my god, I love graffiti. What a beautiful art form. Kind of distracts me from the dood who literally says “literally” and “fucking” in every fucking sentence. And the too-in-love couple nauseating me with their too-loving glances. Gross. Everyone on the bus hates you.

Little Old Chinese Woman! Your feet don’t reach the floor, yet you feel compelled to instruct the German couple about how to hold their baby, and tell the crazy woman at the bus stop how she should treat her dog, and pretend to sleep when the group of young thugs sit next to you. You are awesome! You, I love. If you were here with your man, there’s no way you’d gaze nauseatingly into his eyes.

….holy shit I’m glad I don’t have to sleep on the sidewalk…Thanks, Powers That Be.

Manspreading guy! Shut your goddamn legs. You don’t see Little Old Chinese Woman taking up two seats…Close. Your knees.

Imgoingtobelateimgoingtobelateimgoingtobelate…everyone will hate me and regret their decision to hire me. I should get off here and take an Uber. No, Uber’s evil. No, Uber is great. Should I get off here? How long will it take if I take an Uber from here?….

Oh young woman who is making googly eyes at the crying German baby! Everyone loves you because you’re making that baby happy — especially those parents! Oh, humanity, how you come together in times of need. Like now, when that baby needed to stop crying and the Chinese woman wasn’t helping with her parental admonishments….


I took MUNI, BART, Uber, Fly Wheel, friend’s good will/cars, and my legs (and needed all of those) to get to my rehearsals on time. It was exhausting, but yet tiring.