My Twitter Word Cloud

To be completely honest, I’m not really sure what to make of my twitter world cloud. There are a few things that I don’t understand. For starters, one of the biggest words that appears in my word cloud is a weird symbol that looks like a backward 6 and a y with two dots above it. Considering I have never tweeted that before in my life, I’m not sure what it means. My best guess is that it is code for one of the emoji symbols I use most often (and trust me, I use emoji symbols a lot). Along with this, some of my biggest words were the tags of my friends. For example, “@sisirb” and “@sdancemachine1” appeared larger than a few words. This makes sense because Sisir is my best friend and Stephanie is my sister. We communicate on Twitter a lot, sharing funny memes and just keeping in touch. This didn’t surprise me, but I thought it would have disregarded my mentions and only calculated words based on my tweets alone.

Something that I found really funny was that “RT” was the biggest word in my word cloud. It stood alone, very noticeably. I must admit that I love retweeting people — honestly, I probably love retweeting people more than I love tweeting. “@CuteEmergency” also came up as a big word, which definitely ties into this cloud well. If you know me, you know that I am pretty much obsessed with animals. I love everything about them and all of my social media timelines are guaranteed to be 95% animal memes, videos, statuses, etc. So, in this way, I feel like my Twitter word cloud was very representative of my personality. A few other words that stood out to me were “lol” “like” “love” and “want” which really shows how positive my tweets are in general.

After going through this exercise, I think that this is something I wouldn’t mind my employer seeing. I don’t believe this reflects badly on me in any way and it actually brings out the type of person I am and the type of personality I hold on my Twitter account. While analyzing my Twitter word cloud, I definitely realized I could use it to change a few things. Considering I want to go into the social media field, I think I might want to produce more of my own content on my Twitter page. This would result in a smaller “RT” in my cloud. It’s not that retweeting other posts is bad, It’s just that producing more original content would work more in my favor.

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