Liztek Docking Station Turns Your Laptop Into a PC

In our daily life it often happens we have to connect our single laptop to different desktop monitors to display videos and images. People usually need to do such work for commercial purpose but at times even at our home we need to connect our laptop to more than one desktop monitors in order to play games, for work, and also to see same movies in separate rooms. For this purpose traditionally people face very problem and need to purchase more than one adaptor.

However, now this work is made much easier docking stations available in market. You can by docking station of reputed brands like Liztek from best online stores at very genuine prices with unparalleled features. The docking station that you will buy from online store will support more than one desktop monitor once connected with your laptop. The product is designed in such a manner so that it will always fulfill your domestic as well as commercial need with great perfection. Let us go through some of the advanced features of docking station of best brands available in market these days.

Supports More Than One USB Display Unit

The brand new docking station is designed to support up to 6 USB display units. Further, you will also get HDMI, VGA, and DVI, which will allow you to connect your laptop with display with almost 2048 x 1152/1920 x 1200 resolutions.

4 USB 2.0 Ports

If you are using scanner, digital camera, keyboard, mouse, printer, and other USB 2.0 devices then also you can get 4USB 2.0 ports in brand new docking station of reputed brand.

Matchless Speed

In case you are suffering from the problem of low speed then advanced docking station can offer you matchless data transfer speed up to 5Gbps. In addition, you will also get super speed charging port by which you can charge your different charging devices like iPhones and smartphones.

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