What is the Purpose of Docking Station Duplicator?

External docking station duplicator is a new development in the field of computer accessory. It is the device which is used to connect SATA HDD or SDD device to the computer. It is designed to cater the customer who needs a big space and it works like a blessing which helps the user to connect two extra hard drives which is attached with one present on computer before.

Docking station duplicator is equipped with both USB 3.0 ports. This docking station delivers the data in Super Speed in just few minutes. Docking station duplicator is easy to use as instead of using complicated screws to work, it uses vertical docking bay which will undock of bare or internal SATA drives.

Features of Docking Station Duplicator

USB 3.0 Controller Chip allows the connection with super speed connectivity. It shows connection up to 5 Gbps and Duplicating speed up to 60–80 Mbps, which will gives facility to the users to transfer the files without any obstruction. This device supports two 2.5 and 3.5 inch SATA HDD or SDD at the same time because of its double top slot-loading design.

1. The device doesn’t require any additional tools or even additional driver to use.
2. It quickly copies the matter from hard drives with standalone sector by sector.
3. It provides security while erasing two drives at the same time.
4. It is available at cheaper rates
5. This product is imported from USA
6. It is independent power supply and it adds an advantage with its in-built circuit design so as to use it to its completest.

The Docking Station Duplicator works with both 2.5 inch laptop drives and 3.5 desktop drives which uses a SATA interface. The target drive must be of the same size as that of source drive or larger.For example, the contents of 1TB drive can be clone on 2TB drive by the user but there is no other way possible.E-commerce website is experiencing a large sell of this product and it gives the facility of 100% refund policy, so it is the best product to buy.