5 things I’ve learned from my cRaZy family

My family = my besties

You might be thinking that everyone is mentally deranged in my family, except when I say ‘crazy,’ I’m actually referring to the “extremely enthusiastic” part of the word.

Let me explain.

My BIG Italian famiglia is far from perfect, in fact they, wait let me correct myself, WE are pretty f*cked up!

You name it, we’ve gone through it… cheating, divorce, addiction, financial struggle, theft, scandal, bankruptcy, persecution, fights, mental illness, hate, loss, lies…and the list goes on. and on.

Here’s how I see it, the battles we face daily are actually what make us, in the best sense of the word, “normal.” Struggle, sin, and imperfection is just apart of humanity and should be shared without shame. We all have some kind of ‘baggage’, whether you admit it not, but family can help make that load lighter.

Let me be clear, my families faults and foibles aren’t what makes them special, nor different, nor crazy! they, are in fact what connects them to the human family!

What makes them unique, at least in my eyes, is how they relate to whatever hand they’ve been dealt! Their attitude and perseverance, and their posture of heart has had the biggest impact on my life.

Here’s an example;

How many couples do you know that can be married for 22 years, have four children together, get divorced, then {one of them} re-marries, has two more children, and still, the divorced couple AND the new spouse remain to be the best of friends?!?! Crazy right?!?! And that’s just a snip-it of the entire TRUE story, the long version is much more intense and you’d probably be even more shocked by what they overcame! That’s just one of many examples of how my family defies odds and changes family history.

CraZy Important Life lessons I learned, thanks to my family

❤ there’s no love like a mother’s love ❤

#1 ) My absolute favorite thing about my family is their love and acceptance for one another! No matter what we are going through or where we are in our lives; love never fades.

Witnessing my family walk out life’s trials and tribulations has taught me what it means to hold in and that it’s okay to struggle. It has taught me to be open and honest about anything and that there is no conversation too difficult to have! They’ve showed me what unconditional love looks and feels like. Because of them I’ve come out of darkness and have had grace, love and acceptance for others in the midst of their own.

#2) You are perfect the way you are, there is no one else we want you to be.

Me with my big brother, one of my dearest friends, and someone I love deeply. He is someone who has always encouraged me to be myself no matter who’s watching ❤

Encouragement and acceptance is just the beginning. Family for me is a safe place, it’s where I know I can be myself fully, without judgement or concern for the way I look, which is great because I’m sure I look ridiculous most of the time!! I am free to be me with my family ❤ I am free when I am with my family ❤

#3) Give yourself entirely to whatever you do. Remember where you came from.

TOCCHINI {my families name, my maiden name} We are savage entrepreneurs, CrAzY inventors, passionate lovers, wholehearted givers, life fighters, truth seekers, opportunity makers, we see possibility where others don’t and we go for it! We learn from our past, live from the future and treasure every moment. We are proud of who we are, where we came from; The Old Country, and we’re excited for what’s next!

#4) Eat good food, drink top shelf, and toast to life!

If you know my family, then I really don’t need to say more! For those of you who sadly don’t know my amazing, outrageous family, then..well you’re missing out! :) Because the Tocchini’s really know how to enjoy life to it’s fullest. Maybe it’s an Italian thing, but food is sacred to us, we can eat and drink and eat and drink and drink and eat and drink some more! We can find any reason to party and go all out. We celebrate life BIG, because that’s what we do! You never know when it’ll be you’re last meal, so make it good and share it with your favorite people, and never forget to Toast to the LIFE you have! Because it is a beautiful life ❤

my parents; the best party starters, most fun people to be around and probably the craziest of them all! They defy odds daily & are the definition of living a life uncommon

#5) Opportunities pass, don’t let this moment.

What are you waiting for? If you want to do something, go do it, the time is now, the moment has arrived, the rest is up to you!

That’s how my family lives, circumstances are opportunities and nothing is seen as impossible. If you can think it, than it can be done, if you can dream it, then it can become, the only thing holding you back from it, is YOU. Life is what you make of it. Make it yours!

Some of the Tocchini clan at my dad’s 60th PARTY!
My beautiful mother-in-law ❤

~And a shout out my Haskins family. Thank you for putting up with us Tocchini’s ; )

I even married into an amazing family! So Grateful !

Love all my family ❤

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