From Receptionist/Patient Service Coordinator at a Cosmetic Plastic Surgery office(super fun & interesting job), to full time homemaker (not always as interesting but still fun). ..

As of last Friday, I sealed the deal (gave notice) & officially became stay-at-home mom status !

This is a BIG deal for me, especially because of the way I use to view women who stayed at home full time rather than returning to the work world…

I hate to even admit this, but I feel like I have too clear the air (confession time)…

Prior to becoming mom, I use to have some judgements of women who stayed at home full time…(WARNING: please read this entire post so that you don’t end up hating me forever)

My judgments (pre-motherhood) of women who Stayed at home:

  • What do they do all day? like, really?!?!
  • How can they just stay at home all day? BORING!
  • It can’t be that hard!?!?! I mean come on, get a job!

Now for the worst one…

  • Maybe they are just lazy? (I know, I know…a total bitchy thing to think)

Well, motherhood sure smacked me in the face(SLAP)! I found out REAL quick after having Eva, that everything I once thought, was wrong.

I look back on those stupid, INCORRECT judgements that I had and again I am humbled, thanks to motherhood (I guess being a new mama is good food for the soul)! I see everything so differently now, I see more clearly and I view women in general, in a whole new light (mom or not). We are pretty kick ass (sorry boys, but WOMEN RULE)! lol. also makes me consider this; what the hell else am I wrong about that I’ve been pre-judging?!?!? (ugh…let’s not get into that right now!)

On a serious note, being a mom is nothing to take lightly, it’s constant & HARD work! it’s also beautiful and a blessing, but we cannot deny the fact that we work our asses off to make sure our little ones (and our family) are fed, clean, healthy, dressed, loved, cared for, and well. I’d die for Eva’s sake & i wouldn’t doubt that you’d do the same (for your kiddo of course, not Eva) haha!

I continue to learn and grow as a woman, motherhood is teaching me tons. I may have once thought that stay-at-home moms didn’t do enough, but I now think of them as having full time jobs…a full time job that DOESN’T have an “end of the day”,one that DOESN’T get lunch breaks, that DOESN’T get paid time off, and one that sure in hell DOESN’T get ENOUGH creditability!

I’m enjoying this crazy ride And, I am happy that I get to be one of those LAZY, BORING, NO GOOD, STAY-AT-HOME MOMS!!!! ←just incase you didn’t catch on…that was a joke)! ;)

Though we have ups and downs & even with all the hard work, this time is precious and being with my baby girl, to witness her firsts (like how today I discovered she’s really ticklish) day in and day out is a gift! I can honestly say that I have the BEST.JOB.EVER!

heaven on earth is being with you ❤
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