CNA 10/16/15

Tesla’s Autopilot Drifts Toward Driverless Cars

Tesla announced a new and improved software, 7.0, that will help drivers when changing lanes, finding parking spots, and watching for blind spots. This autopilot system is available in Tesla Model S vehicles but will not be able to do the driving of the vehicle just yet. Tesla created these features to help in increasing the safety of drivers on the road.

Brits banned from hoverboards and Sky’s Star Wars tie-up (CNET UK podcast 453 show notes)

Britain has recently declared that self propelled scooters are not allowed in public. Hoverboards have been banned from the public for safety purposes. However, people are not banned from riding these hoverboards in the privacy of their own homes or backyards.

Today’s headlines, brought to you by…Netflix?

Netflix is working on creating news content in the next few years. It will be working with news company Vice to create a weekly talk show of sorts. However, the head of Netflix, Ted Sarandos, says they will try to stay away from doing sports news.