We need a little more Houston in Washington, D.C.

Our first campaign ad went up on TV today. It captures something I’ve been talking about since the day we launched this campaign. Watch it here:

We face real challenges at home and around the world. We want and need our elected leaders to work together to find solutions to our shared problems, but Washington is not working as it should. Partisanship has led to gridlock, politicians refuse to work across party lines, and we all pay the price.

Unfortunately, too many in Washington are working for special interests and political parties rather than the people who sent them there. That needs to change. Democrats and Republicans need to work together to get things done.

How we do things in Houston should be a model for others — especially our elected leaders in Washington. The core values that our community puts into practice every day are ones that can help us get to a better place in our national politics:

We innovate. We put a man on the moon. But that’s not all. When the Apollo 13 astronauts were in crisis and needed to find a new way to get back to Earth, NASA engineers in Houston solved the problem with duct tape. We don’t let challenges stand in our way: we see them as opportunities to do something new, develop something better, and build something different.

We create. We are home to some of the most creative people around. From artists to engineers, Houstonians look at the world around us and see possibilities, not limits.

We care. We are all connected here, whether commiserating about the August heat or celebrating our world-champion Astros. At no time was this more apparent than during Harvey, where neighbors helped neighbors to safety by car or canoe; where shelters found themselves with more volunteers than could be counted; where homeowners found spontaneous volunteers at their doors to help clean up and start again.

We work together. We have a reputation as a city that works hard, and works together. All around town, colleagues of diverse backgrounds and views — religious, socio-economic, political — work together to get the job done. And that collaboration has made us international leaders: in medicine, in energy, in innovation of all kinds. From the Texas Medical Center to the Energy Corridor, we bring people together and work hard to make a difference.

Democrats and Republicans may not always agree on exactly how to solve every problem, but we need them to work together, to innovate, and to care more about the people they represent than they care about their political parties. They would do well to look to Houston and its values — inclusion, innovation, and collaboration — to see how it can be done.

That’s what this campaign is all about, and that’s why I love this ad. We need a little more Houston in Washington, D.C.

Together, we can do anything.

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