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You can’t really understand the power of having a coach until you experience it. This is why most coaches offer one to two hours of complimentary coaching before you hire them. They know that to invest in coaching you must experience the value — it’s neither cheap nor passive. Getting coached can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for three to six months, and it requires you to show up and commit in a bigger way than you probably have in a long time.

Working with a coach has become the number-one tool I use to gain happiness in my…

Learning to receive bliss is as important as chasing it.

Recently I’ve been experiencing a phase of my life that’s been near perfection. I’m happy, feeling better than ever, looking better than ever, and in true connection with myself, my husband, and my kids. Work is great, clients are pouring in… everything seeming to go my way.

This time of bliss has also included a trip to Hawaii for my 38th birthday where my husband and I had six days of uninterrupted “us” time. Freedom to go where we wanted, when we wanted without worry about the needs of your three tiny humans. It was glorious.

I remember walking down…

There are times in life when we’re called to be quiet; to listen, not do. And those are often some of the best moments of our lives if we allow them to be.

I’ve been in a lull. A time when I want to retreat, think, be quiet, keep my life closed in. My expansive nature has needed some time to retreat and process…or just rest. I’m not sure. But I’ve felt lots of self-criticism about it.

It’s felt draining. Even for an extrovert.

Life demands that we’re always on. Especially if you have a business or some sort of…

Joy is found in community, not conversions, and so many other lessons learned about a company in its first year.

It’s been a year since launching my company. A year of getting what I asked for… the freedom to create something I deeply believe in, that feels tied to my personal reason for being.

Collective Gain officially launched on September 19, 2017. It’s been a year of trying, growing, failing, questioning and celebrating. I have had the time and space to create, to experiment, to question…. It’s been awe-inspiring, and the best part of it all was totally unexpected.

As an entrepreneur, you lean into your business wanting to create everything you imagine and have millions of people tell you…

The key to capitalizing on human evolution is rewriting old stories.

We’re scared. We’re all so very scared. I’ve spent the last year speaking to individuals about stepping into their fullest potential. What I have found again and again is that everyone is scared. Scared of commitment. Scared of finances. Scared of change. Scared of being seen for who they really are.

There is an underlying fear that danger is lurking behind every corner and that at any moment things could fall apart, people will find out we’re a fraud, or that we’ll never actually live up to who we’re…

4 Ways Coaching Can Help You Create the Life You Want

Do you feel stuck in a job you don’t like working for a boss you don’t respect? Do you think your business isn’t growing because of your quiet nature and aversion to networking? Do you feel trapped in a relationship with someone you know isn’t right, but can’t find the courage to leave?

What is holding you back?

Just as coaches help athletes perform at an optimal level, a life coach can help you achieve your goals and surpass your own expectations while keeping you accountable. …

The mental framework to harness of our own greatness in any situation so we can live empowered and feel free.

One of the biggest benefits you get from a life coach is a mental framework of empowerment. It’s the thing we were never taught in school — and exactly what we need to make better decisions for ourselves.

This mental framework is the mental harnessing of our own greatness, the awareness that we create our own experience and have the power to change it at any time. It moves us from victim to valiant author of our own story, the story of our life.

It’s worth mentioning that coaches want you to become self-sufficient. They want to teach you how…

When spirit taps you on the back and says, “Good work, you’re doing your job.”

Over a year ago, I began working with a coach to explore who I am and why I am here. However, I didn’t set out with the goal of answering these two big questions. I started working with a coach in a desperate attempt to lift myself out of the sinking feeling of knowing, deep down, that I was way off course and had no idea what direction to turn to get back on track. (What track, anyway?)

After two months of digging deep with a coach, I knew my core values. And at three months in, I had a…

There is no rush in nature. No frenzy. No confusion. Everything is in perfect working order. And so are you.

Nature knows best

There is no rush in nature. No frenzy. No confusion. Everything is in perfect working order. When a tree is left alone, it thrives. Day by day, it grows. Things fall into place and it lives out its life’s purpose — to give birth to new life and to evolve to be the best version of itself.

That’s nature. And we’re no different.

Yet we live in fear. Like it takes miracles to survive and live a…

What challenges you the most is your greatest opportunity to become your best self.

I went to breakfast with a friend a few weeks ago. She’s a fellow Founder/CEO of an established business, discerning and a go-getter. When she says something helped her, I listen and often give it a try myself. This is when the topic of doing a cleanse came up. I told her how I often felt groggy when I woke up and tired during the day. She suggested an herbal cleanse she did a while back that left her feeling great, rejuvenated and with a clear mind. …

Lizzie Alberga

A wife, mom to three, former corporate exec turned spirit & soul entrepreneur => Founder of Collective Gain: LIVE YOUR TRUTH.

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