American Horror Story S8.09 — Blame the Illuminati

Spoilers below for American Horror Story S8.09 — Fire and Reign

American Horror Story S8.09

Well, they’re really leaving a lot for the finale. In this penultimate episode, we are still in learning the backstory.

Michael takes robot Mead on the road because he’s pissed at the witches and wants revenge. He enlists Dinah, who arrives on the porch as the witches are securing the house against evil spirits. Unfortunately, their mantra is no match for voodoo and she easily opens the door for Michael & robot Mead.

The witches attempt to fight, but Michael & Mead make quick work of them. Her arm detaches to reveal a massive gun, so the playing field is really not even. And what does Dinah receive for her treason against the witches? 13 episodes of a talk show. Only 13 episodes?? Are you kidding? She doesn’t even get Ryan Reynolds on Wednesdays!

Luckily/conveniently, Cordelia escapes with Mallory, Myrtle, Coco, and Madison. Hiding out in Misty Day’s swamp cabin, Cordelia and Myrtle have Mallory attempt one of the hardest spells — to go back in time and change the course of history. No other witch has ever successfully done this and those that fail die. Sounds promising.

To practice, Mallory inexplicably gets in the bathtub to go back to 1918 to try to save Anastasia Romanov, who was also a witch, during the Bolshevik revolution. She partially succeeds — she does make it to the cellar and interact with Anastasia — but eventually the gunmen shoot through their protective spell. She awakens, crying blood. It seems odd that they want her to practice a spell that will potentially kill her. Seems like they’d want to just get her into the real situation in case it does, but they say it’s because they don’t want Michael to find out what she can do.

What’s the end goal with this? Do they want Mallory to go back earlier in the day to stop Dinah from helping Michael or do they want her to go back to Murder House and stop Michael from even being born?

Meanwhile, in Silicon Valley, bowl cut Eichner & Peters are snorting coke and complaining about how much humanity sucks. Angry that Michael is so unsure of how to bring the End of Days, they begin coaching him through Mead. After they realize that his knowledge of how to be the Antichrist is from The Omen movies (specifically the third one, which is terrible), they know they need to bring in the big guns.

Enter the Cooperative aka the Illuminati with a rebrand. Full of the most powerful people, though all they really care about are the ones that can ensure MAD, the Collective have all sold their souls to Satan and so they are all under Michael’s control. Once bowl cuts realize that the End of Days is actually upon them, they decide to give Ms. Venable a promotion — administrator of one of the Outposts…and we know where that leads.

The episode ends with Michael addressing the board meeting of the Cooperative and telling them to open to page 6 — Outpost construction. If we had another episode before the finale, I would have loved to see a montage of Outpost building, but I don’t think there’s time. There’s a lot they need to cram into the finale: nuclear bombs, possibly saving the witches, and the final fight between Mallory & Michael.

Originally published at on November 8, 2018.