I’ve been working full-time for a little over two months now at what has been my dream job for the past four years. Honestly? I can’t believe my luck sometimes. (WWBT(S)D?) I love my job, company, and team, but still here are some of the things I wish I’d known when I started and that I am still working on (improving.)

  1. Taking the leap (yes, like Ready Player One.) At first, I stood (or sat) at my desk waiting for people to ask me to get lunch or coffee, or play ping pong, or go for a walk along the…

Before this begins, here’s a forward: I’m not saying that representation isn’t important (it is), but we can’t turn a blind eye to what’s going on to other Asian-American groups in the US.

Some article links about what’s going on:

Why is the US Deporting Protected Vietnamese Immigrants?

Families Torn Apart: Trump’s Quiet Attacks on the Southeast Asian Immigrant Community

The U.S. Just Quietly Deported The Largest Group Of Cambodians Ever

Many fellow East-AsAm’s

Anyways, back to the movie. Last week, I braved a theatre with bad Yelp reviews (and bugs — pretty sure I have bites on my arms and legs now)…

Senior year of college has just begun and summer has ended, so that means reflection in the form of a Medium post. As I was in NYC for most of the summer, there will be a theme of Broadway musicals.

*This is a long post since a lot happens in 3.5 months so feel free to look for the headers that may interest you.

To quote the Sound of Music,let’s start at the very beginning.”

“First Steps First”: Pre-Internship

Post-finals in mid-late May, my mom and I drove down to Santa Barbara to pick up my brother Tommy, and…

This post is based off of a HackCon talk I gave a few weeks ago.

First off…

Some feedback from Spectra

I had a poll regarding women’s hackathons going around (thank you to friends like Connie for sharing!), shared it on Ladies Storm Hackathons, Hackathon Hackers, LinkedIn, Twitter, with some women’s hackathon organizers and attendees, and some other outlets. The poll got a variety of responders, as shown below.

I spent five summers as a ball girl at Stanford’s Bank of the West Classic, a professional women’s tennis tournament held every summer. (I also did the two semi-final matches at the SAP Open in its final year, but the women’s tournament provided the core of my ballperson experience.) I was yelled at by Serena when I gave her a ball she did not want in the finals (tennis players, and athletes in general, are superstitious), I played a game of keep-away with Michael Chang when I was unsure whether or not he was going to keep a ball that…

Dear Beyonce (& Jay-Z, Amal, George, & other parents of boy-girl twins),

Being a twin is an amazing thing, but being a fraternal twin of different genders is even moreso. You power women know age is no barrier: “a woman who gives birth at 37 is four times more likely to have fraternal twins than at age 18.” (Amal = 39, Beyonce = 35, and my mom was 40 when she had us WOW.) Here are 11 things I’ve learned growing up alongside my twin brother Tommy over the past 21 years that may help you and your respective families.

Twins playing on the T-Ball twins :’)

Some Bryn Mawr students with Joanna Beasley, a BMC alumna currently at HBS.

This past weekend, I made the trek from Manhattan to Boston to attend Harvard Business School’s Peek Weekend to learn about MBAs and take classes with some of their professors. The closing speaker (a Bryn Mawr alumna, of course) talked about zigzags and her path to HBS and to where she is now, and let me tell you — it was anything but linear. Oddly enough, that seemed to be the general consensus among the HBS student and alumnae panel and professors we listened to, as well.

Ladies in STEM Culture Empowers and Builds Community

NCWIT alumnae, She++ Fellows, and Ambassadors at She++ Gala

This opinion piece in the Toronto Star explains how the girls in STEM culture is failing both girls and STEM. The article makes good arguments that I do agree with, but in my experience (in Philadelphia and the Bay Area, not in Canada), the culture has more positive aspects than negative ones.

“The Girls in STEM culture guilted me. The statistics on girls who “stop liking math” and women who quit STEM were cited to me as tragedies (even though changing careers is increasingly normal).”

The statistics don’t guilt me, they drive me. Not to want to work in tech…

“We choose to…do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard” -JFK

I left school for spring break a few days early to speak at ForwardJS, and to attend ForwardSwift. Surrounded by developers from all over the world, I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I also loved the sense of community at the conferences and the after-events, which were two sort-of happy hours at Lush Lounge and Nick’s Crispy Tacos. Nick’s even made a list of SF’s bro-iest bars!

Lush Lounge a few days after I turned 21!

These events offered further opportunities to get to know conference attendees…

Lizzie Siegle

Devangelist intern @ Twilio, organizer @ Spectra, Bryn Mawr 🎾'18.

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