travel the world and photograph

I have gone through the application process through the ship photographer website and this morning got an email to say that i have an interview in May, interview prep:

>have to bring 5 of my favourite images of my work through e-portfolio or print

> Make travel plans to get to the interview

> dress in business smart attire

> read the information that i have been given also the money collation such as living coasts

>also how I will balance life and work if life

Questions to ask:

> what pay

> Do i get a pension

> Hoildays and time off what does this entail

> medical and dental care (insurance)

>food and accomidation

> will i be taxed for being away?

>Secoundary duties outside of the photography?

>how long after interview will i get an answer or training?

> what courses and training will i get and there qualifications?

other cruises and ships that have the same jobs :

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