Volunteering for Fotonow

I’ve been volunteering at Fotonow for around 2 year’s know where Ive been in a out of projects through flexibility of working around university work and life, also being apart of the team and being told about different projects that where in the pipeline gives a chance to see where I want to volunteer with.

Fotonow is a community interested company where photography, media and visual culture projects in the social community education. Fotonow works with schools and are brought in to community projects to show and teach the visual arts for the different media can convey a message and get subject out to the public in a way that is engaging and understandable.

some photographic projects and events that I documented and created a photo booth portrait shoot, helping with setting up the camper obsura with the foto doom all so that needs as meany people to set it up in location from also working on summer school workshops, helping with workshops in Green man festival in the summer, photograph booths, recording events and assisting with scanning or photography or teaching.

Assisting the photographer to take these location portraits where we had to ask the people of torbay a question about there community and got them to answer by putting there answer on the chock board along with there portrait giving them a point of reference and way of documenting peoples thoughts in a visual way. I was talking and directing people into position as well as controlling the light for the photographer also collecting consent forms to have there photograph taken, these are all thing that take the wait of the photographer just to concentrate on taking the good image.

Being able to meet other photographers and artists in the south west giving me connections such as Elizabeth Orcutt visaul artist that work with self and self portraits and also this gives me a chanse to assist her with scanning negatives. Creating a digital archive of a Sociology lecturer’s personal collection of old travel photograph albums for a book that is wanting to be created where his essays would be apart of the book where he commissioned Fotonow to create this photobook of historical imagery. Where this project is still ongoing a will be going back to hopefully after university.

There other opportunities that help we go further in working with this company where I know the dynamics of how they work with a small team, through they have a post graduate apprenticeship where they will send me an application form and hopefully be apart of the team. Also there is a postgraduate south west prize that they are apart of where students get get there work out into the world through exhibitions in London and Bristol this gives exposure through a company out of university which also opens in May.

Children protection course:

This course I have taken in volunteering for Fotonow giving me a way to see and act if I see or this that a child or adult is being abosued in some way this is important to keep a them safe and the right root in how to report something so sires.