What Food Symbolizes Your Major?

A question that haunts you in the middle of the night..

  1. Business Majors

Steak. You’re praying to god that someday you will have an internship and stop living off of ramen. Hopefully that paycheck will give you a nice ribeye and an office with a view.

2. History Majors

Crackers. Because A) it’s all soldiers ate during the War (what war? only you would know that) and B) What does a history major get you besides some crackers?

3. Biology Majors

Frogs. Okay so right now you may be eating frogs from dissection lab to stay alive BUT don’t give up hope. Your days of eating frog legs will come when you become a scientist.

4. Chemistry Majors

You’re just eating straight chemicals.

5. Art Majors

Clean Eating. You say you hate processed foods and are gluten free. You pride yourself on the amount of kale and trail mix you eat. #FeelTheBern

6. Nursing Majors

Junk Food. “There is no time for nutrients”- said by the nursing major who’s main goal is to make people well and healthy. So go ahead. Gorge yourself in pizza, ramen, and mac n cheese before that Anatomy and NCLEX test.

7. Architecture Majors

Ratatouille. Structure, simplicity, accent colors. Classy.

8. English Lit Majors

Soup and Salad for one. Channel your inner angst because your fav writers did.

9. Accounting Majors

Toast. Dull in all aspects but if you’re feeling a little frisky you can add some butter.

10. Psych Majors

Fish. Fish are supposed be “brain food” so maybe if you eat enough fish you can figure out what’s going on up there before you lose your mind.

11. Criminal Justice Majors

Donuts and Coffee. You know you’ll be eating them the rest of your life.. why not get a head start and live off of them in college?

12. Education Majors

Kid Cuisine: You’ll be dealing children so why not eat something that compliments their size! Also cheap and dissatisfying just like the education system. Enjoy!

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