Germany (again) & Prague

A looooong overdue update on everything that we’ve seen in the last 10 days. You could either blame my laziness, or that we’ve been busy sightseeing, or that I feel rude blogging when we’re staying at friends’ houses (idk I’m socially awkward). I would say it’s all of the above. Who cares, all that matters is I have a lot to tell you!

Let’s begin with round 2 of Germany. We stayed with Sam & Ashley & Ajax (the puppy) & Stella (the cat) Taylor in their flat in Magdeburg. They are good friends from college who moved to Germany for grad school, which turns out is hecka cheap. Who knew. They did. It was such a treat to stay with the Taylor’s & join in their lives in Germany!

While in Magdeburg, we spent much of our time at the amazing Christmas market in the main square. Go figure. We love them. Because they’re amazing. One highlight of our sightseeing in Magdeburg was the oldest cathedral in Germany. There was pretty much 1 church for every 3 city blocks, which was pretty impressive. Much of Magdeburg was destroyed during the 30 Years War & later in World War II as well. Situated in East Germany, the city has had a fairly rough history & spent much of its time rebuilding. This was most evident in the architecture, which ranged from Gothic to Baroque to 80's Communism to just weird (see the Pink Hotel below).

We also spent the Thanksgiving holiday with the Taylor’s & their friends from grad school. There were 5 Americans, 4 Germans, 1 Australian, & 1 Russian in attendance. It was quite the event. Mostly because we didn’t get the turkey in the oven until about 4 pm, meaning we didn’t eat our Thanksgiving dinner until 11:30 pm. But, at least that had us eating turkey at the same time as our families in America! And waiting that long for our feast also made it the absolute best tasting food ever. It was a really fun night & by far the most unique holiday I’ve spent with friends new & old.

During our stay in Madgeburg, we snuck in a day at Berlin, which was very, very cold & wet. Thus, we spent most of the day in a tour bus seeing the city. Not a bad alternative when it’s windy & snowing, just for future reference. And you better believe we walked around a Christmas market while we were there!

On Sunday, we boarded a bus to the Czech Republic to spend the week with another set of married college friends that live abroad! God bless ‘em. Jobi & Abby Wall live in Pardubice, a small town just outside of Prague where Jobi plays professional basketball. We were so thankful to be able to stay with them; they are the kindest hosts if you ever find yourself in the Czech Republic (which you should, because Prague is amazing)!

Let me make this clear: Prague is a dreamboat of a city.

Seriously, it’s so pretty!!! And so fascinating. The Bohemians have an incredible history full of legends & battles & art & alchemy. We spent 2 days wandering about Prague & 1 day walking through Kutna Hora. In the evenings, we ate supper with Jobi & Abby & chatted about life in Europe over this amazing dessert that Abby made. Luckily, we got to attend one of Jobi’s basketball games, which was really exciting to watch! The Czech know how to play a good basketball game.

Needless to say, Prague is an easy city to fall in love with. Some highlights: the cheap food, the Prague Castle, the cathedral on the castle grounds, the walking tour we did, & the Christmas market, duh. But actually, a quick word about the cathedral in the castle. Holy Moses. One of the most beautiful cathedrals I’ve ever laid eyes on. Here are some photos that won’t do it justice, but will attempt to…..

It really is magnificent. Prague is wonderful. I can’t say it enough.

Yesterday we hopped on another (quite long) bus to Italy. We arrived in Verona very late last night, or very early morning depending on how you look at it. So, we spent most of the morning sleeping & the afternoon exploring. Italy is gorgeous as ever, just as I remember it. We are excited to spend the next 12 days here before we go back to America!

Phew. That was a lot. Thanks for hanging in there & keeping up with us!

Much love,