CNA week 8

Trump defends call that soldier’s grieving family says showed ‘disrespect’

Family of soldier who died in Afghanistan two weeks ago say president Trump disrespected them when sending condolences. Family says Trump called them upon picking up soldiers body and said “you know that this could happen when you signed up for it … but it still hurts.” Also it is stated that Trump didn’t even remember the soldiers name and referred to him as “guy”.

Trump offered a grieving military father $25,000 in a phone call

Trump made a personal phone call to father of a fallen soldier from an accident in Afganistan. Trump said he would take $25,000 out of his personal account and would send it to this grieving father. Father has now claimed money has not been sent against what White House has claimed.

Trump meets with governor of Puerto Rico; gives himself a ‘10’ for hurricane response

Puerto Rican Gov. Ricardo Rossello was invited to the White House to speak with president Trump. During this conversation Trump states they have done a “really great job” on helping with the hurricane that occurred last month. He also have himself a “10” in their efforts. Rosselo agrees to an extent but also states there is still a lot to be done.