News consumption; How Unity College students get their new.

Living in a busy high pace world with so many things going on worth sharing, it becomes almost over whelming to the amount of news that is being fed to us. Only how are we being fed this information? Assuming that people want to know what’s going on in the world and aren’t living under a rock, I wanted to know the ways different people learn about the world around us. Is it through print? How about television? Or maybe even radio? I asked three unity college students how they stay up to date in today’s world of constant information download.

The first student I talked to, a conservation law major, told me he finds out about world and local news through the radio. At first I found this surprising with all the high tec gear we have, I wouldn’t have considered the radio to still be a valued source for news. It was only once he began to explain he will listen to talk radio in the morning on his way to class or to work. Different radio shows and different radio frequencies prioritize reporting the news to commuters when they are unable to watch the news on the tv allowing they travelers to still stay informed.

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The second student I spoke to was an adventure therapy major, explained that she saw most of her news on Facebook and twitter. This didn’t surprise me at all. Today many teens and young adults have smart phones with apps allowing them to see everything that is going on in just a few swipes. Facebook has become the home of random videos and small news articles that can lead to many colorful commentary, but that’s beside the point. The point is, Facebook and Twitter are allowing users to gain access to news and creating an area when conversation about the news can flow, sparking ideas and creative thinking.

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Finally the last student, a parks and forest major, explained that he would get his news from word of mouth from his family and friends, while occasionally logging on to get his news. The first part of his answer took me back because we have unlimited access to raw data through the technology of the modern world and he doesn’t use it. The only time this student uses any form of modern technology is when he hears of something that peaks his interest and is looking for more information about said topic.

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I only leave my final thoughts here. Living in an instant gratification society and have access to raw data, making us the most informed generation of humans ever. With the world sitting in our pockets today’s society can generate the most information and take in the most data.


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