Survivor’s guide to finding housing in Aarhus
Terry Mun

As an employee at Aarhus University I was, for several reasons, thrilled to read your piece about your views on finding accommodation in Aarhus. As a project coordinator in a research group at iNANO receiving several international students, PhD students and post docs, I have shared many frustrations with them. Not that I think that they experience more frustrations when looking for a place than any other student etc. in another European university city, like e.g. Munich. Though, this per se does not ease the concerns of the individual.

As an Aarhus resident I know quite a bit about finding a new home in Aarhus (also with help from IC). However, much of what I know I may not pass on as I, unknowingly, tend to find this to be common knowledge (as it is to many Aarhus residents). I have always thought that what was needed was external eyes and words on how to find a place to stay — and here it is. IC is doing a great job, but sometimes that is just not enough and you need to do some footwork yourself. In this case they need your tips and tricks along with IC’s website. :)